Anybody know what would cause this in the photos? All I can figure out is it’s the squirrels but don’t know what they would do it like this for. It’s not just leaves, it’s a small part of the limb.

Bill Clinton Presidential Library Trip

So, Steve, Caden, and I made a trip up to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock yesterday because they have had an Elvis exhibit there for a little while now. We have talked about going and finally got around to making the trip. Just so happens we make the trip on Bill’s birthday weekend and so we get to get in for free, what a bargain! Anyway, they were taking short videos of people wishing Bill Clinton, Happy Birthday. This is a picture of Steve wishing Bill, Happy Birthday! I don’t even want to know what he said!

We had a good ‘guy’s day’ out and even got to eat at a big buffet for lunch with no complaints!

From 2011-08-13 Clinton and Elvis Trip

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