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Monster Trucks

We made it to the Monster Truck Show a couple of weeks ago and here are some pictures of the night. It is very small in the CenturyTel Center for Monster Truck racing but it wasn’t bad for free! At the end of the truck racing they had a strange dinosaur thing that could eat cars. It was pretty cool! It picked up the car and chomped on it a couple of times and chomped the car in half! Click here for some pictures.

Minden Homecoming 2006

2006 Reunion
2006 Reunion

It was my 20 year reunion and I just don’t feel that old! We went to the game in Minden on Friday night and my goodness does Minden have a team now. They were up 21 – 0 at the end of the first and 42 – 0 at the half. After that the second and third string got to play and a few freshmen. Preston got his first shot at playing for Minden High even. This is a shot of him with my camera phone. He is #71 and doesn’t have his name on the back of the jersey. I don’t think any of the younger guys have their names on their jerseys because I think they just found out they would get to dress out earlier that week. Preston got to play a few plays in the fourth quarter. We were all yelling and are real proud that he got to play. One more thing… If I feel old, I wonder how Mary Lou felt! It was her 40th! Also, I think that made Minden 8 and 0 for the year.

SuperBowl Ads

<p>Just in case you missed the SuperBowl Ads… (Like I did!)</p><p><a href=";entry_id=140" title="" onmouseover="window.status='';return true;" onmouseout="window.status='';return true;">Click Here…</a></p>

Still counting on Haynesville

<p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #faffff">In the first round of the High School Football Playoffs you can still count on Haynesville┬ábut Minden ran out of steam.</font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #faffff">(Haynesville 54 – Elton 7)<br />(Minden 7 – Salmen 49)</font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #faffff">What will LSU and La Tech do tomorrow?</font><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #faffff"><br /></font></p>