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Haynesville Golden Tornados

I may have graduated in Minden but I’ve always kept up with Haynesville football!  I grew up in Haynesville and we always had a great football team and I’ll always remember Coach Franklin.  Coach Franklin coached over 30 years with an amazing record and his son took over the team a couple of years ago.  I ran across this list the other day and thought I’d share.  Check out the link below.  I think Haynesville shows up on the fourth page or so but what an amazing list to be in.

All-time winningest high school football programs, through 2012

Cope Athletic Awards

Cope had their annual Athletic Awards banquet and here is a picture of Natalie getting recognized for being on the dance line.  Next year it will be cheer leader.  I guess we will be going to a lot more games!

Family 5K

Well this was the first time I ever paid to run! We all did a 5K run with the school for some charity and it was actually pretty fun except for about the last half! We left the school and went through a couple of neighborhoods and finished back at the school. This was the first time me or the kids ran in anything more than running to the end of the driveway! Stephanie had ran a couple of things like this before and she finished this one somewhere in the middle of the pack. I think Natalie was not far behind her and Caden and I were real close to the end! (real close, like we almost had to kick a couple little girls down so that we could say we weren't last!) There really may have only been a couple of people behind us and I say us as in us like a team. We finished as a team, Caden on my dang back for most of the last third of the run!