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Turtle Eggs?

Well, I’m not sure but I think she was working on laying some eggs! I went out in the yard this morning and couldn’t figure out why that squirrel wasn’t running off on the other side of the yard like they usually do. Turns out, it was a big old turtle that had dug a hole and was sitting over it like she was ready to drop some eggs! She is happy in Red Chute Bayou now!

Turtle Eggs?
Turtle Eggs?

Sheamus in Town!

We went to the World of Wheels Friday night and after waiting in line for a while, Caden got to see one of his favorite wrestlers. Sheamus was at this World of Wheels. Here is a little about Sheamus, Facebook Page and WWE page. In all honesty, he seemed like a good guy seeing him with the kids and even a bunch of disabled kids that couldn’t make it up on the stage. I’m not a wrestling fan like Caden!!, but glad Caden got to meet him since he didn’t seem like a jerk! Here are a few pictures. Click on the picture below to see a few more pics, taken with my phone and not very good though! Caden even got him to sign his shoe!

Sheamus at World of Wheels


Anybody know what would cause this in the photos? All I can figure out is it’s the squirrels but don’t know what they would do it like this for. It’s not just leaves, it’s a small part of the limb.