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What a day!

Who wouldn't want to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving?! Well here is the rest of the story… <br /><a href="!.html#extended">Continue reading "What a day!"</a>

Stockwell Thanksgiving Feast

Natalie's first Thanksgiving at Stockwell Elementary and Pippy's costume designing! <br /><a href="">Continue reading "Stockwell Thanksgiving Feast"</a>

Pumpkin Light Night

<p>Stockwell Elementary Pumpkin Light Night…<br />Natalie got a ribbon in her first ever pumpkin decorating contest!</p> <br /><a href="">Continue reading "Pumpkin Light Night"</a>

Kenny Wayne Shepherd CD Signing (a little late!)

I finally got the pictures off of my cell phone, which is the only camera I had the day we went to get some CDs signed by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. See pictures… <br /><a href="!.html#extended">Continue reading "Kenny Wayne Shepherd CD Signing (a little late!)"</a>

He’s getting started young!

<p>He started watching Stevie Ray Vaughn when he was a year and a half old and got to meet Kenny Wayne Shepherd at two and a half. (Click Continue Reading for Picture!)</p> <br /><a href="!.html#extended">Continue reading "He's getting started young!"</a>