Stockwell Place Honor Choir

Caden’s Honor Choir group went to the District VIII festival today. They received a SUPERIOR rating which means we were given straight Ones! This is the highest rating they could receive. They did awesome! I think the next competition is in April in Dallas.

Haynesville Golden Tornados

I may have graduated in Minden but I’ve always kept up with Haynesville football!  I grew up in Haynesville and we always had a great football team and I’ll always remember Coach Franklin.  Coach Franklin coached over 30 years with an amazing record and his son took over the team a couple of years ago.  I ran across this list the other day and thought I’d share.  Check out the link below.  I think Haynesville shows up on the fourth page or so but what an amazing list to be in. test

All-time winningest high school football programs, through 2012

Rick in town!

We caught Rick Springfield again. This time he was in town around Stephanie and Tommy’s birthday instead of Dallas! For 63, he still put on a good show and jumped around all night.

Adult supervision

So I’m going through pictures from out beach trip recently and run across this. Not sure what’s going here but it looks like Tommy is supervising Caden or coaching him along or something!!

Nat’s Braces

Natalie finally got braces. They have been putting it off ‘until next year’ for a few years now for some reason. Now she has about 18 months of paying close attention to what she eats and I have that long to just be PAYING!

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